Energy consumption halved with the Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pump series

Energy savings of up to 50%, dramatic reductions in life cycle costs and significant increases in productivity define the Atlas Copco GHS 350 – 5400 VSD+ oil-sealed, rotary-screw vacuum pumps for central vacuum supply systems. In almost every production environment, the demand for vacuum fluctuates. Demand profiles are affected by numerous variants such as process changes, the time of day, week or even month. Atlas Copco’s ground-breaking VSD+ (variable speed drive) technology presents an unrivalled energy efficient solution for fluctuating vacuum demand applications. While a traditional fixed speed vacuum pump is either on or off, a VSD pump automatically adjusts its motor and element speed to the demand. As the VSD pump only runs at the required speed significant cuts in energy consumption is achieved. The VSD+ technology also eliminates peak current penalty during start-up experienced with stop-start machines. The inlet control valve which provides modulating vacuum control in conjunction with the VSD further minimises energy consumption. Understanding how important low operating expenses and sustainable productivity are for customers and end-users, during the development of the GHS VSD+ series, Atlas Copco, took every single factor into consideration in order to determine where extra efficiencies and increased life span could be gained. Atlas Copco’s vacuum engineers designed these energy efficient vacuum pumps to deliver peak performance at operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications. Consumption of approximately 50% less energy than alternative technologies, positions these vacuum pumps among the most energy-efficient oil-lubricated vacuum pumps on the market in the capacity range where some other technologies such as oil-sealed vane start to become mechanically inefficient and expensive in terms of capital expenditure. “The built-in efficiencies of the GHS VSD+ series deliver sustainable productivity while the optimum and efficient performance of the vacuum pumps do not compromise on worker safety and comfort or the environment,” states Willem Brits, representative for Vacuum Technique in South and southern Africa. From the highly efficient rotary screw element to the cost cutting monitoring system, innovative technology throughout the vacuum pump sets the GHS VSD+ series apart from its nearest rival. The robust vacuum specific oil-sealed rotary screw delivers outstanding performance and element life is significantly longer compared against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps. The innovative and patented design of the vacuum pump ensures ultra-high oil retention (<3 mg/m3 even when under the greatest load) at all operating pressures – from ultimate pressure to atmospheric pressure. In conventional fixed speed vacuum pumps, overloaded oil separators lead to oil carryover. “Managed performance means the vacuum pump never overloads the separators extending life and reducing the environmental impact,” notes Brits. This market-leading oil retention means that the quality of the exhausted air is optimal which contributes to employee well-being as this air is often breathed. It also avoids oil spills on the factory floor, which commonly occurs with conventional oil-lubricated pumps, ensuring a significantly cleaner working environment and consequently faster cycle times. The GHS 350-5400 VSD+ series offers a very low noise level far below that of comparable technologies. . The GHS VSD+ range is equipped with Atlas Copco’s state-of-the art Elektronikon® monitoring system. The motor speed and high efficiency frequency inverter are controlled by the integrated Elektronikon® Graphic controller. Complementing the Elektronikon® is SmartLink, a flexible user-friendly solution for data monitoring. “Easy to install and customise, SmartLink brings system relevant data to the end-user’s mobile phone, smartphone and PC. The uncomplicated and comprehensive monitoring systems can also integrate an end-user’s plant management system and control other vacuum pumps thanks to a remote monitoring option with subsequent energy savings,” says Brits. The GHS VSD+ series features a canopy with a hot-cool design which isolates all heat producing and temperature critical components (oil separator and element) from all other components. Cool running means higher reliability and resultant extension of the lifetime of electronic components and longer Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM). Energy recovery options available for larger motor sizes assist end-users to fulfil their energy management and environmental commitments according to ISO 50001/14001. Energy recovery leads to minimal hot air in the workplace avoiding the usual problem of hot air in air-conditioned production environments. The easy to use and simple to maintain GHS VSD+ series is based on the well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of Atlas Copco compressors which ensure an easy and fast installation that saves on time and space. The low maintenance design of the vacuum pump series offers low lifecycle costs for both replacement pumps as well as new equipment. “As replacement units end-user can generally expect very short payback time of less than two years against existing oil-lubricated or dry vane installations,” states Brits. “This takes power and maintenance costs alone, without taking into account the ease of installation. For new equipment, lifecycle cost of the vacuum pump can be cut by around 50%. Reduced electrical installation costs (fuse and cable size). The footprint, no larger than that of a standard pallet, is one of the smallest on the market. The vacuum pump is conveniently delivered as a complete package. The GHS 5400 VSD+ , is the largest unit in the flagship vacuum pump range and boasts evacuation capabilities of 5 400 m3 /hr of air and hold vacuum pressures down to 0.35 mbar absolute (35 Pa). The 5400 machine is driven by a 90 kW motor compared to 150 kW of its closest competitor which, according to Brits, translates into a direct energy saving of 40% before taking into account the savings achievable by using the VSD. “The built-in efficiencies of the GHS VSD+ series deliver sustainable productivity while the optimum and efficient performance of the vacuum pumps do not compromise on worker safety and comfort or the environment,” states Brits. “Unsurprisingly, the vacuum pumps are highly suited to a diverse range of applications in plastics, glass, bottling, canning, wood, packaging, printing and paper, meat packaging, house vacuum and central systems, and many more.” The GHS VSD+ series is complemented by a comprehensive range of vacuum pumps including the GVS single-stage and GVD double-stage oil-sealed rotary vanes, DVS dry vane, DZS dry claw vacuum pumps (VSD also available), ZRS Rotary Lobe booster pumps and AWS single stage and AWD double stage liquid ring pumps. The recent expansion of these vacuum ranges has bolstered Atlas Copco’s current vacuum product portfolio warranting the establishment in early 2017 of Vacuum Technique as a separate and fifth business area within Atlas Copco. “Vacuum technology is almost as big as the compressor business and we are extremely excited to be able to bring this comprehensive range of world-class quality vacuum pump solutions to the local market,” concludes Brits.


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