Geological Exploration is the process of meticulously searching for and analyzing potential areas where useful or precious minerals, metals, and other resources can be mined or otherwise extracted from the earth. Mining companies may conduct mineral exploration projects, akin to highly advanced prospecting, to learn more about potential sites for new mines. Geologists or engineers with geosciences backgrounds are often an important part of the mineral exploration and prospecting process. The sites used in Geological exploration can serve as an excellent source of info for geology students who are pursuing an interest in mining and mineral exploration. An expansive range of mining and geology topics are covered by these sites, and they are not listed in any kind of ranking order, since all of them offer top-notch information in their particular area of expertise. To ensure efficiency, Geologists use various tools to assist them in collection of samples for research purposes. One of the most commonly used tools are the Plastic and Metal Core Trays. Core Trays are designed for the mining and exploration industry to store and transport core samples. Usually supplied in Plastic or Metal they are also stackable and come in a range of sizes. Plastic Core Trays Constructed from high-quality, UV-stabilized polypropylene and reinforced with ribs, the trays are non-corrosive, non-magnetic and chemically inert. Other features include a ruler for core sample measuring, no sharp edges, molded handles and interlocking design for secure stacking. Ideally suited to the most ruthless and harsh of exploration drilling environments, most Plastic Core Trays are manufactured from the highest UV-stabilized polypropylene available, making them exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Plastic, injection molded polypropylene core trays are manufactured in highly visible white plastic, with the highest level of UV protection. Stackable trays are available in B, N, H and P sizes with 1000mm x 385mm dimensions. Plastic box Core Tray are also manufactured from injection molded polypropylene to ensure it is corrosion proof and cannot cross contaminate the stored ore, even those ores that are highly acidic or highly alkaline, or in high levels of humidity. Plastic Core Trays are mainly designed to be stored in stacks on pallets or similar hard stand areas. Each tray is equipped with interlocking lugs at each corner that mate with the tray above, ensuring stable stacking. The stacks of trays are readily strapped for transport. Core Tray lids are designed to fit perfectly to prevent the core samples from being contaminated while keeping them safe and dry. Most Core Tray lids are made from long lasting zinc/al, with return folded edges for increased strength and to reduce cut injuries. Core Tray Markers are available and do not reduce the space available for core storage, while the flat top provides a broad area for writing. Made from injection molded, UV stabilized polypropylene plastic, these core trays are totally corrosion proof which means that no corrosion or cross-contamination of stored ore is found. There is no magnetic interference with core evaluation, they boast excellent longevity and durability, provide increased safety; no cuts or handling burns and are recyclable. Those made from virgin white plastic are clearly visible at night and underground, are easy to write on and the virgin plastics consistently deliver the highest degree of UV protection. Core tray lids are designed to allow for stacking, provide a perfect fit which prevents contamination and keeps vermin and insects out. They are made from long lasting zinc or aluminium, keep cores safe and dry and return folded edges add strength and reduce cut injuries. Metal or Steel Core Trays Constructed from high-grade Zincalume steel, these tough, durable trays are extremely corrosion resistant, offering a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary galvanized steel. Other features include deep profiles and raised walls to ensure core samples are held securely, optimally placed drainage ports, multiple handle options, convenient labels and interlocking design for safe, stable stacking. Metal Core Trays are mainly manufactured from high quality zinc or aluminium and are designed for a long useable life. They are available in assembled or unassembled for easy transport. They come with safety edges to prevent cut injuries. They have drainage slots to allow for external drainage to prevent cross-contamination of core samples, are generally strong and attractive chamfered ends and all trays can hold one full meter of core per flute. They have detachable handles for safe and easy handling and feature optional lugs that allow safe and easy stacking for storage and transportation. These trays can be supplied either fully assembled or in broken down form for assembly on-site. Shipping unassembled trays delivers significant freight cost savings with the ability to fit almost double the number of units into a container. It also means that the local community can participate gainfully in your exploration project by assembling the core trays on-site. This can be particularly important in gaining community support for projects in developing economies. Unassembled Core Trays have all the features of the assembled units and suppliers usually supply everything required, including tray bodies, stop-ends, rivets, optional stacking lugs, assembly instructions and rivet guns if requested. All necessary rivet holes in our tray bodies are predrilled to simplify the assembly. Unassembled Core Trays are packed in cartons to ensure they arrive on-site undamaged and ready for immediate assembly and use.


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