SKF quality and service value proposition improves delivery time of large size roller bearings

The SKF Explorer series large size roller bearings presented the most optimum solution for a vertical roller mill used in the production of cement. A long-standing SKF customer in the cement and concrete industry contacted SKF for a solution when a routine maintenance check determined that the bearings on one of their vertical roller mills needed replacement. Operating in an extremely demanding environment, the vertical roller mill is critical in the production process of this cement producing facility. “It was therefore crucial that the bearings are of superior quality to deliver reliable performance and maximise productivity for the customer,” states SKF Territory Sales Manager, Sean Weir. Weir says that the SKF Explorer series bearings were proposed; he explains the technology: “These bearings feature optimisation of the internal design, high performance materials and heat treatment. These properties result in a greater wear resistance, lower operating temperatures and longer service life even under contaminated or poor lubrication conditions. This translates to improved availability and productivity.” “The best delivery time of six months from SKF Europe was not an option for the customer who considered the risk exposure too high. As one of our loyal key customers who use a wide range of SKF products we had to pull out all the stops in order to come up with a better solution.” “SKF South Africa solicited support from the SKF mining segment team and we were consequently able to reduce the delivery time from SKF Dalian factory in China by 1.5 months to the satisfaction of our customer,” affirms Weir. According to Weir, the bearings condition is being closely monitored until a maintenance event can be scheduled. Both the engineering company that overhauled the mill as well as the customer valued SKF knowledge and expertise. “In addition to strengthening their confidence in SKF as a partner, our ability to assist the customer has opened up many other opportunities for collaboration and engagement in other projects between the customer and our authorised distributor also,” concludes Weir.


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